"Sembrando un futuro" - Sustainability shows the opportunities of tomorrow!


The Library on Wheels has developed into a valued cultural and educational offer and was therefore further expanded in early 2019 and the focus of the work was on environmental protection - for a clean and fair future. Above all, the poorer, already disadvantaged rural population is affected by the negative consequences of deforestation, water pollution and waste disposal. Our aim is to combat this problem in the long term through educational work and to raise awareness of the connections between environmental protection and development. This not only protects Nicaragua's nature more, it also opens up new development opportunities for families. In the first, The theoretical part of the workshop “Sembrando un futuro” teaches how water scarcity is linked to climate change and pollution with diseases and agricultural development. In the second part, the participants can sow and pull crops themselves and then take the products home with them.




Adiós plastic!


Another focus of the environmental project is the waste problem. There is no functioning municipal waste disposal system in the villages, which means that rubbish is buried, burned or simply thrown away. Regular “clean-up” excursions draw attention to how much waste is polluting the environment and the villages also become cleaner. At the moment, the collected garbage is still used for upcycling craft workshops and sent to public recycling facilities. In the long term, ideas are to be developed together with the children and adolescents on how waste can be avoided overall.






In order to be able to maintain the Library on Wheels, we depend on donations, such as books and games can be used to expand the inventory. Volunteer services can be used to work directly on the project, and ongoing costs can be covered in the long term with financial support.