Puente Nica eV supports the Transparent Civil Society Initiative, which advocates transparency in the work of non-profit organizations. Below you will find important information about Puente Nica e.V. in ten points: Our goals, the sources of our financial resources, how they are used and who the decision-makers are.


1. General information


Name:  Puente Nica eV - Educational and cultural association for the German-Nicaraguan exchange.


Year of foundation: 2012


Registered office:  Schulstr. 7, 71292 Friolzheim


Address:  Simon Hempel, Badstrasse 20, 13357 Berlin



2. Statutes and goals


You can download our statutes here.


Puente Nica eV wants to improve access to education for marginalized people from Nicaragua. We are currently focusing our work on the following areas:


1. Initiation as well as financial and personal support of educational and cultural projects in Nicaragua (among others we support three library projects)

2. Awarding school and university grants to talented and socially committed Nicaraguans with a financially weak background. We are currently supporting ten scholarship holders.

3. Promotion of intercultural exchange. We organize voluntary services for Nicaraguans in Germany and for Germans in Nicaragua to promote mutual bilateral understanding.



3. Nonprofit

Our latest non-profit notification can be downloaded here.



4. Decision makers


Decisions in accordance with the Articles of Association or Articles of Association can be made jointly by two of the following persons:


Sarah Schmidt (1st Chair) - (at)

Verena Prinz (2nd chair) - v.prinz (at)
Simon Hempel (Treasurer) - s.hempel (at)

Anja Vigenschow (Secretary) - a.vigenschow (at)

Marcello Perez (press officer) - m.perez (at)



5. Activity / annual reports


Our current activity / annual reports can be downloaded here:


Annual report 2019

Activity report 2018

Annual report 2017

Activity report 2016


We will also be happy to provide you with the previous activity reports on request.


Here you will also find the current minutes for the last Annual General Meeting.

Minutes of the Annual Meeting 2019



6. Personnel structure


Our association work is carried out exclusively by voluntary members. In addition to the five-member board, a variable number of active members (2020: 8 people) is involved in the association's work.



7. & 8. Origin and use of funds


All of our members work on a voluntary basis, so we can keep our administrative costs very low. Administrative costs (including administrative and advertising costs)  are covered exclusively by membership fees, no donations are used for this. 100% of donations go to our statutes. Here  you can get an overview of our use of funds and the source of funds. They also find here an overview of received institutional grants.



9. Company law connection with third parties





10. Grants that make up more than 10% of total annual income

In 2019, we received funding from the  Development Cooperation Baden-Württemberg Foundation in the amount of EUR 14421 for the purchase of an off-road project vehicle for the book bus. The total stood for 39% of the total annual income.