Team Exchange


Leonie Hafen


Leonie Hafen - Team Leader South-North Exchange


From 2013 to 2014 spent one year in Nicaragua  as part of a weltwärts volunteer service and worked there at La Casita del Árbol in Tipitapa. She has been an active member of Puente Nica since 2015 and has been coordinator of the South-North exchange since 2018 after various activities.

Leonie studies Spanish and art as a teacher in Münster. 


Contact: l.hafen (at)





Louisa Griebel


Louisa Griebel - Mentor South-North Exchange


was in Nicaragua several times between 2014 and 2016 and supported various projects on site. In the association she works for intercultural exchange and works on the organization of the volunteer services of the Nicaraguan volunteers. Since 2018 she has been mentoring our Nicaraguan volunteers both in preparation and follow-up, as well as during their service in Germany.

Louisa studies special education as a teacher in Oldenburg


Contact: l.griebel (at)




Domingo Garcia


Domingo Garcia - Responsible for the preparation seminars and follow-up seminars


has completed a voluntary social year in Friolzheim Kindergarten in Germany in 2012/2013. After his return, he was responsible for the selection of the South-North volunteers in Nicaragua and led their preparatory and follow-up seminars.

He has been living in Germany since December 2019 and assists the south-north volunteers with their language preparation.

Domingo is training to be a geriatric nurse in Cologne.


Contact: d.garcia (at)