Everyone has a right to education!


The fourth goal of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) calls for equal opportunities for education for all people worldwide. Other sub-goals call for the provision of high-quality school education and the provision of university scholarships for people in developing countries. We are committed to the implementation of these goals. We want to make it possible for those who do not have sufficient financial resources to study. With a degree you have the prospect of a better future.


Many young people in Nicaragua do not have the opportunity to study at university due to financial constraints. There are courses that only take place on weekends so that students can work during the week. But it is difficult to master a demanding degree when you have to work full-time on the side.

The Initiative Scholarship Enrique Schmidt at Puente Nica eV offers university grants for committed Nicaraguan students from rural areas with a financially weak background. We are currently sponsoring 29 young Nicaraguans.



Full scholarship


The scholarship initiative at Puente Nica was founded in 2014 with the motivation to promote the university education of young Nicaraguans in Nicaragua. It is our concern that Nicaraguans from rural areas - especially women - also take a chance at university education that they could not afford financially.



How do we support?


  • Full scholarship: approx. 140 € per person per year (2020) cover travel, copying costs, study materials, lunch and registration fees
  • Personal care
  • Possibility of tutoring in subjects that are particularly relevant to studies
  • Coordination of the fellows' social work hours



Who can get scholarships?


  • Financially weak applicants
  • Applicants are admitted to a state university in Nicaragua
  • The scholarship holders must be involved in the projects of the Puente Nica eVoä. engage socially
  • Women with the same qualifications are preferred
  • If the qualifications are the same, applicants from rural regions are preferred



How is that financed?