Our projects aim to improve long-term access to education for marginalized groups in Nicaragua. Because high-quality education is a right that everyone has and is the key to sustainable development. We want to convey the joy of education to children and young people in particular and support and motivate them in their learning process.



Biblioteca Comunitaria "La Casita del Árbol"


It all started in the "La Casita del Árbol" library, where the founding members of the association spent their voluntary social year. In the meantime, the tree house has developed into a well-attended youth and cultural center. Influenced by our experiences and impressed by the inquisitive children and the positive response, we were firmly convinced that we would continue to support the project from Germany, both personally and financially.



Rostros, Colores y Sueños - Biblioteca de Colama


Another project is the "Rostros, Colores y Sueños" library (faces, colors and dreams) in the small village of Colama, which has a similar concept to the tree house. Both projects are cultural spaces that enable further training, creativity and exchange. Many children want better access to education, but often the information and financial resources to do it are lacking.




Library on wheels


Inspired by the work of the two partner projects and with the desire to reach more people, we launched the book bus project together with our partner Enlazando Sueños in 2016.


The mobile library brings books, games and activities to remote locations in the Tipitapa area.