Library on Wheels

A library on wheels for Tipitapa


If people can't get to the books, the books just come to them!






In the Tipitapa area, many people have no way of getting books. Books are expensive and educational and cultural offerings in the city center are usually unattainable.


But books have an invaluable value: they take you into other worlds, inspire imagination and bring education.


In order to provide children here in and around Tipitapa with the support they so urgently need and deserve, the idea of a moving library was born.







The concept


4 villages in the Tipitapa region


30 children and teenagers per visit


4 days, 7 hours each


413 books, puzzles, board games


Homework help, courses, workshops









“Bibliobucero” Javier Bobadilla


Javier is 40 years old, an agronomist and leads the local book bus project. He lives with his wife on his small farm outside of Tipitapa and grows guayabas and vegetables himself. 

Javier has been our full-time "Bibliobucero" since 2016. Together with Nicaraguan and German volunteers, he visits various villages in the area every week and brings books and games to the children there. 












Since August 2016, our Nicaraguan librarian and book bus driver Javier Bobadilla and one or two volunteers have been traveling four times a week to the villages of Cristo Rey, San Juan de la Plywood, Zambrano and San Benito Agricola. In their luggage they have wooden tables and chairs, an awning, a bookshelf and boxes full of books, toys and handicraft materials. This will then build a small library on site.


At each stop there is a group of around 30 children with an average age of 11 years. Many children regularly use the offer of the book bus. The book bus is often the only way to borrow books and games, get help with homework, get to know new things while doing handicrafts and theater, and develop your own talents.







Digital library


In times of the Corona crisis, Javier uses every minute to create a digital library. Above all, this means that our small and large visitors will soon be able to get an overview of all the available books online, so that they can choose a book in advance that they would like to borrow or read on their next visit.


We are also working flat out to find a solution that can be used to borrow books safely, even in corona times.