La Casita del Árbol





 In 2006 the library “Biblioteca Comunitaria La Casita del Árbol” was founded in the small town of Tipitapa by 5 Tipitapenos and a German who has lived in Nicaragua for many years. In the middle of the city center, which is an hour's bus ride from the capital Managua, is the typical Nicaraguan house, which gives Tipitapa's residents the opportunity to continue their education free of charge and is a safe meeting place for children and young people.

There is a cozy reading room with books for visitors of all age, a room with board games and of course a tree house.






The casita, as we affectionately call the project, is now much more than just a library. With the support of annually changing volunteers from Germany and many volunteers from Tipitapa itself, it developed from a small library to a cultural center, a space for information, education, discussion, creativity and cultural expression. The offer includes both cultural, sporting and craft activities, as well as targeted support for learning (e.g. through math and language courses).


In Nicaragua, books and board games are found in very few households. Many families cannot finance theater, music or sports. The library tries to fill these gaps with offers such as reading lessons and homework support. In our reading room there are books from all over the world in different languages. Here our visitors can browse, read, do homework or just read the newspaper. In the room next door there is room for board games, reading hours in our children's book corner or just for conversations and meetings in a pleasant environment.


And not only the numerous visitors can learn a lot here; The volunteers also learn from and with each other through working together. All offers are free of charge - instead of asking for money, attempts are made to involve small and large users in the various work areas and activities and thus to maintain and expand the project. Our project is based exclusively on volunteering and is financed only through donations.


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