Colama Library


Library “rostros, colores y suenos”


In 2010 the painter José Aragón founded the library called "Rostros, Colores y Sueños" (faces, colors and dreams) in his hometown, the secluded 400-inhabitant village of Colama in Nicaragua. Since then, it has not only been a place to read, but also to play, learn for life, do sports and be creative. 


Since the library was founded, the project has been continuously expanded. For some years now, German volunteers have been coming to the village via the development-related voluntary service “weltwärts” to support the Nicaraguan volunteers. Various courses, projects and activities are offered for the children and teenagers in Colama:


  • Game and book rental
  • Homework assistance
  • Theater group for teenagers
  • Dance class for girls
  • Various sports courses (e.g. soccer and volleyball)
  • Organization of adventure days on topics such as the environment, sport or culture
  • English class
  • Crafts and painting courses
  • Garden group
  • Supporting teachers in the local elementary school


The constant in volunteering is the librarian Ronaldo, who has coordinated and managed the project from the beginning and who works with and supports the volunteers who change every year.


The library is one of the few leisure and educational opportunities for people outside of school, the church and their own home and is therefore an important institution in Colama's social life. Environmental protection, equality, respect and tolerance are important in all activities.


The library is a place for people from Colama to get together. Different nations and generations meet here to take part in joint project activities.


In order to realize larger projects, the library relies on help and donations from outside. There are already several ideas for projects and activities:


  • The financial support of the librarian Ronaldo
  • The construction of a soccer field (procurement of materials: goals, soccer balls and jerseys)
  • The embellishment of the library garden (plants, irrigation system and play equipment)
  • Scholarships for talented young adults from Colama


If you would like to support the project and its projects, please help us with a donation or take on a project sponsorship!