Colama is a small village, around 30 kilometers east and about two hours by bus from Tipitapa. A bus runs from Tipitapa to Colama three times a week, except when the river floods the access road in the rainy season and often no crossing is possible for days. About 400 people live in Colama. There is now flowing electricity in the village, but still no connections for running water. Every day, buckets and containers full of water are carried into the houses from the village's waterhole.


In the summer of 2010, a group of Spanish young people from Barcelona set up a small library in this little village, which is located on a hill in the countryside. It is now managed by Ronaldo, a Nicaraguan from Colama. Since he can use support, volunteers from the “Casita del Árbol” sometimes work there. Above all, the library should offer residents variety and new perspectives, since they live largely isolated and have little compensation for everyday life or opportunities for leisure activities. There is a small collection of Spanish-language children's books, a few board games, and materials for crafting and painting.


The majority of Colama's population lives from the sale of firewood and subsistence farming. Most families have their own cows, pigs and horses. They grow rice, beans and some vegetables. In Colama there are a total of three different churches and a small elementary school that goes up to the 5th grade. As in many rural areas, in addition to poverty, domestic violence is a major problem in Colama.